What is a Camping Hub?

Camping hubs are also known as pop up gazebos and are fantastic for, yeah you guessed it, camping. They can also be equally useful for providing shaded areas in the backyard and patio areas, perfect for family events or neighborhood get-togethers. 

Pop up gazebos differentiate from what’s commonly thought of as a gazebo quite substantially. Your standard gazebo usually employs a massive steel frame, that is quite imposing and takes precedence in the garden or backyard. Often designed very intricately with a beautiful aesthetic to match a luxurious yard or pool side area for example.

Pop ups are less exorbitant, but still have some really nice designs, generally in a hexagon or pentagon style shape. This is where they get their ‘hub’ style nickname, as it resembles a center hub with outreaching arms/poles. 

Even more interestingly, the setup is insanely different. Your standard gazebos can take upwards of 1 hour and require some technical knowhow when setting up, and additionally being adept with a wrench and hammer can pay dividends. 

However, a pop up does exactly that, a camping hub can be set up within a minute or 2 with either a pre-attached frame that extends outwards, or for the smaller models, a coiled spring that explodes outwards, erecting the framework. 

Camping hub gazebos have become more and more popular in recent years, with top quality models being produced in mass. 

Clam and Gazelle, and more recently Coleman are renowned for producing some of the best pop up gazebos that work amazingly well on camping trips and at home. Other lesser brands are trying to replicate what these companies have done and slap their own name on them, but bear in mind these are the original creators of the camping hubs and should be considered first before any others. 

Mainly because they have already been thoroughly reviewed and tested by authoritative sites like who serve the camping community by providing unbiased reviews, comments and guides for us campers and outdoors enthusiasts. So, we know we can trust these brands, however not the same is to be said for the newer unproven brands. Buy at your own peril.

With enough room to fit 2 camping tables inside and 6-8 chairs, it’s the perfect opportunity to take a lunch break during your trip, settle down and have a few beers with the lads or get the family around the table for a good old game of rummy. 

With shaded, meshed and protected areas for all the family, friends and family dog, it’s easy to see why these unusually named camping hubs have taken premise on modern family camping.

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