Are Foot Massagers Popular In Holland?

Foot massages are a good thing when your feet require that much needed relief. However, not everyone can afford to get a professional feet massage. For those people, foot massagers are a good investment.

Because of the busy lifestyle we all lead, foot massagers are becoming increasingly popular all over EU – including Holland. The foot massager, or voetmassage apparaat, is quickly rising to be one of the best investments you can get thanks to all of the benefits it provides.

But, why are foot massagers so popular in Holland?

They Improve Blood Circulation

Most of us live a sedentary lifestyle, so the feet muscles rarely get any exercise. Not to mention the tight, uncomfortable shoes we’re wearing! Foot massagers can help stimulate blood flow, improving the circulation in our feet and legs. If you’re suffering from some health conditions, such as diabetes, this is of huge help.

They Help Lower Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is something many people struggle with. It is mostly caused by poor diet, stress, environmental factors, or genetics. Certain acupuncture points in our feet can greatly help relieve much of the tension. However, weekly foot massages can help lower blood pressure, providing us with better help.

They Might Reduce Anxiety

These acupuncture points we’ve already mentioned can help reduce effects of some mental health conditions, such as anxiety and depression. Some studies have showed that regular foot massage can reduce anxiety by up to 50%, which is an astonishing result.

They Help During Pregnancy

Many pregnant women suffer from edema. This is the swelling in the feet and ankles, and it is the result of fluid retention. It can also be connected with issues with blood pressure. Using foot massagers on a daily basis using gentle strokes might help with edema. Of course, the best results will be gained if you combine massages with drinking enough water and getting plenty of rest.

They Can Even Help You Stay Healthy

Regular using of a foot massager can actually improve your immune system! This is done by increasing the activity of white blood cells that flow through your feet, then spread around the rest of the body. White blood cells help fight diseases and are one of the foundations of a good immune system. Not just that, but regular foot massages help reduce the level of the stress hormone called cortisol. Cortisol is a common culprit behind many health conditions.

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