Comparing a Mountain Bike and Hybrid Bike in Thailand?

If you really want to enjoy a great adventure with a bike, then you need just an excellent bike for that.

Knowing the unique differences between a mountain bike and hybrid bike can really be of help to guide you towards achieving your adventurous goal along the Thai trails.

Both bikes are designed for specific purposes and for different terrains. Therefore, the type of terrain you desire to explore will be the most suitable option.

It is not advisable to employ a mountain bike ( or จักรยานเสือภูเขา as its called in Thailand) in the terrain where a hybrid bike would provide you with more satisfaction and vice versa.

Employing a mountain bike on the terrain where a hybrid bike would be the preferred option may cause your bike to probably develop faults, and same goes to a hybrid bike when used in place of a mountain bike.

Let the name “mountain bike” not deceive you; they are not specifically designed to travel on mountains instead for trailofding in general. Whereas hybrid bike as the name implies is a combination of certain features of a mountain bike and road bike. It’s also referred to as “cross bike”.

The following features of a mountain bike and hybrid bike shows their similarities and differences, and help guides you to make a decision, to go for that which best satisfy your interest at the end of this article:


A mountain bike and hybrid bike are both designed with flat handlebars. They both provide you with an upright sitting position for comfortability.

Both can be practically appropriate to be employed on gravel or dirt bike paths.


Hybrid bikes are faster on paved roads as compared to mountain bikes when tested. Mountain bikes are slower on pavements and in such a case pedalling becomes harder or difficult. Though, a mountain bike can travel faster and roughly on other variety of surfaces mostly on unpaved terrains.

The primary factor that enables a mountain bike to perform better on unpaved roads or off-road is due to the fact that the tires are designed to be broader and thicker than that of the hybrid bike. The vast andlargeck tires provide a mountain bike with excellent stability.

A hybrid bike is designed with thinner and lighter tires than a mountain bike which explains why it’s faster on paved roads.

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So, what’s your take? Mountain? Hybrid?

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